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Facing Foreclosure But Don't Know What To Do?

  • Do You Lose Sleep at Night?
  • How Can I Keep My Home?
  • Will My Lender Reduce My Mortgage Payment and Let Me Stay?
  • If I Am Forced To Sell, Will My Lender Chase Me Down For Any Money Lost?

Foreclosure is scary. Do you know your options? Because of the financial crisis more and more homeowners are having financial problems. Today, more than one in seven homeowners is behind on their mortgage payments. You are not alone...I can help.

How to save your Lewis/Thurston County Real Estate from foreclosure and what is a Short Sale?

  • Are you behind on your bills?
  • Are your mortgage payments behind?
  • Did your interest rate just jump way up...or is about to?
  • Did you or your spouse just loose their job?
  • Facing a divorce?
  • Death in the family?
  • Serious illness?

These and other life-altering events can have a major impact on your ability to stay current with your mortgage. If you fall behind on your mortgage payments you are at risk of losing the real estate you own. In the Lewis/Thurston County real estate market there are a huge number of homeowners facing foreclosure.  Don't be another Lewis/Thurston County Real Estate statistic, I may be able to help you!



While actually completing a short sale can be a difficult process for the untrained person the actual definition of a short sale is easy... If you were to short sale your Lewis/Thurston County real estate, you are selling your home for less than what is owed to the bank. The bank must approve the short sale and agree to take less than the full amount owed

The most important thing to remember is that if your Lewis/Thurston County Real Estate is facing foreclosure or is in the pre-foreclosure stages that you do not wait. You need to call an expert in Short Sales that can help determine if a Short Sale is an option for you.


. McFerran & Burns, P.S. is the premier attorney short sale negotiation practice in the State of Washington with 1,000's of satisfied homeowners finding real solutions and real relief through their consultations.

The cornerstone of their practice is advising clients that have very difficult questions about their situation including foreclosure, short sales, bankruptcy and loan modification. What is in their best interest?

Their Attorneys have been providing "legal prescriptions" to clients since this recession began. No two answers are the same. We start with "hopes, dreams & desires" and then in the context of the client's legal rights THEY help them plot a course for a new life after this hardship.


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